About the author

Born in Bangladesh, Shah Jalal has lived most of his life with his family in England. The breath-taking scenery in which Shah spent his youth later inspired much of the scenery described in Legend of Horian and The Dycentian Blade, including descriptions of the tall trees, fertile lands, and delicious fruits.

Despite the recent publication of his debut literary work, it was never Shah’s intention to write a high fantasy novel. Instead, he wanted to design a video game that’s a fusion of every genre. Reading widely and avidly he started to compile ideas and the names of the countries and characters that make up Horian’s world.

It was only when his father discovered his list of names and suggested that, since designing a
videogame is somewhat far-fetched and that there was enough content for a comprehensive storyline with complex characters, Shah should instead turn the story into a novel.

He decided to heed his father’s words of wisdom, and the result of his decision is
Legend of
Horian and The Dycentian Blade,
an action-fantasy that follows an ordinary farmboy on his extraordinary quest for revenge after a tragedy befalls his village.

This is just Book One, of a Twelve Part Saga, which took Shah a Mighty 14 years to perfect, and he is now proud to invite the world to live the legend by reading this timeless tale that is best described as the

Epitome of the Word Epic.